Sam Waterson is the devil, really
Ham samitch lovely lovely ladies
Buffalo George’s we called him the Jewish Danny Glover
Spoon-fed quadriceps bar-b-qued noodle factory
Fortinbras was a fag Sally O’Malley was a pretty little fillie
C-R-A-Z-Z-E-E Pop pop pow!
Weeping in my jello Thomas Edison chased me with a wire
Ball lightning I was gagging
Smelt or Atlantic anchovy?  SMELT Jesus
Lice big eyes Herman Wouk
Greek mythology Melvox lummox
Mt. Adams left the state
Grant shrubs Sherrif of Notingham
Ice cream the rope Buzzy—Shirley
Some friend of Jon Easley heroin
Sum-up Kitty-Kitty Club Dennis Weaver
Cello mirrored shoes ostrich eggs
The problem with Henry the bow & arrow barn
Ex-wife Micronesia scallops go to Rhodesia
Rocketship gold medal for flour
Oscar the Grouch vegetables in my water
Santa Claus fax machine
Simple Queen of May liquor
Happy face Steve Perry of Aerosmith
Richochet Rabbit Guy de Maupassant
Scared mask werewolf here comes trouble
Glass blower bowler hat
Mario Cuomo’s lips art deco churchgoers
Filapino patooties bread sticks
Tina from Gilligan’s Island with the electricity
Bathtub filled with ice cubes
Spanking the Jewish neighbor lady
Squeak squeak squeak