Prettily Blue Bus

1.  illuminated twister-berry freak out
2. Cacophonic malais of premeated tendrils
3.  Anglo-Saxon water-pic
4.  spunky but press newspaper clipping
5.  forced plastic crumbcake
6.  Typogrpahical filopian postcard
7.  Forgetful porthole
8.  The chucklin’ Mary
9.  rectal handlebars
10.  Carbunkles
11.  Daily orange rind
13.  post-tractor agreement
13.  smoked scrotal gouda
13.  primal scream therapy in a thimble of concentrated hydrochloric acid
13.  sweat sock punch
13.  invincible ink
13.  sad, flaccid little rodent specialist
13.  Pricetags on Mars
13.  Lutheran earwax
13.  compromising Munchkin bookmobile day
13.  Let’s play Hide-the-Mayonaisse
13.  Please Lord let me die without this eggplant
13.  Born to chum
13.  Chumley’s dork is removed albeit accidentally
13.  Slipped and backed into a cucumber, which rammed itself (accidentally) up my
13.  Pachouli scented plaid
13.  tie-dyed prostate
13.  Pumpkin, Pumpkin, whose got the pumpkin?

Published by Curt

I am a poet and journalist and so on amber so forth in rows magnet.

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