New Forms Of Home, Family And "Domesticity" Are Memorized By The Dessert


1.  Peloponnesian grunt truck
2.  Toenail barter
3.  Technical jello snatch
4.  Wily persimmons
5.  Marshmallow toilet paper
6.  The stain on my lightswitch
7.  In Marm’s way
8.  Insecure pig thighs
9.  Nietzsche’s breakfast treats
10.  I jimmied the lock on the rainbow trout
11.  Genius margarine plate
12.  Uncle Fester’s goo-bag
13.  Margarine’s own little somebody
13.  Lipstick racist
13.  Stamp the meat
13.  Anasazi vegetarian head-dress
13.  Whole lotta cake walkin’
13.  What the tapeworm said
13.  Coffee whizz in a thimble
13.  Gap-tooth plebicite meat squeezer
13.  Hey, the kumquats make really swell eyeglasses!
13.  The Bithynian dirt scroll
13.  Piss like a racecourse
13.  Second knuckle once removed
13.  Squeal like an ashtray
13.  Return the genius to his crawlspace
13.  Sincere nostril
13.  Low quality nostril too

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