Nature's Oystering Fellowship

1. Cripled pope parade
2. dumpster relish
3. Nice girl bellows lap
4. fortunate foreskin
5. amniotic French dip
6. Burgeoning concrete sex factor
7. artifical gattling gun
8. Nepalese cracker songbook
9. fingering horn cud
10. Presbyterian lipshit syntax
11. Diabetic alphabet sex
12. bolivian pocket swuirrel
13. Hope chest tailbone collection
13. stapled nipple method
13. waxed penile butter ducts
13. spleen buggy
13. barnyard monk
13. Banjo mortician
13. shelf barf
13. I am my own butt cheese…Jesus?
13. bangledesh gardening storage tin prick
13. Germanic swingset lunchplate
13. ferocious ambiguity seminar
13. hang-nail nun
13. slingshot squid stain
13. the angry nun’s nut clippers
13. Fenian earlobe file cabinet
13. sporting fag hairs
13. cast statue precipitate
13. Monk bang
13. Tropic of Carmelcorn
13. Fruit dish Nazi portrait
13. homogenized elephant blister wallow
13. homosexual mongoloid funbarn shenanigans
13. eventual cattle plea

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