Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof

Mythorealist Demands

In Manifestos on March 13, 2009 at 4:44 am

We, the Mythorealists and obtuse rodent armbones, demand:

1.  delux ladies to lambast me
2.  to skate methodically and to be allowed to wiggle like gasoline
3.  that revolutions be staged against polyhedrom Sammy-boy
4.  furtive pool-side chat
5.  to breast feed our own poplars and free them from wild breezeways
6.  the right to stand naked in a pool of our own verbs
7.  a hair-dresser named Queenie
8.  to be given a song for Costa Rica
9.  that the octagenarian sectarians be replaced with a gaggle of nitwits
10.  frocks of bubonic dog-head triple spiral, concuspicent meat-leaders and sinkers,         drapery sex, and a pulpy syringe rocketing into the crotch of a tree
11.  the right to sing in a forest where the mosses clank
12.  haircuts with zippers
13.  juicy peer-groups
14.  weasel anus greetings
15.  a premature brocolli bib
16.  a pancreas hootenany
17.  underwear noise confessions
18.  riboflavin singalongs
19.  intimate butt chili
20.  sphincter reconnaisance
21.  salmonella pate
22.  Big Bird’s wiener
23.  carolling dishwater
24.  the right to assemble all our aching baubles
25.  a pal named Frank/ who works in a bank/ after six/ on Friday
26.  the right to reconstruct our personal histories out of a thousand Armageddon
lizard parts
27.  the right to hang Barabar Streisand from her ears and instruct her to run in
28.  to wrestle the Pope away fromthe tremblin glintel and whisper carpet fibres
into his open cupboard
29.  a tall glass of onion juice in every town near normal voices
30.  the last one, then it’s yours
31.  pussylips in the fog
32.  that nonsense be regarded as some kind of eternal subconscious verity
33.  that all irked wads be lathered


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