Facebook changed its terms of service stealthily on February 4. Now, if you cancel your account, it will still keep all your material and may try to sell it even. I never cared much for Facebook anyway, and would cancel my account altogether except that the Committee to Protect Bloggers has almost 1,100 members on their Facebook Causes page.

Also, due to Facebook being so anti-intuitive, I can’t even figure out how to post a “Wall” application to make this announcement on the page itself and am having to do it on my personal blog.

So, here’s what I’m going to do and what I encourage you to do.

  • I will post no original material of any kind, neither my own nor others, on any Facebook page
  • If you’re going to use Facebook to communicate, only link to outside materials or you may find them stolen

If anyone has an alternative to Facebook, please speak up.