My Translation in “Poetry As An Act of History”


Yale Professor Maria Rosa Menocal delivered a lecture at St. Mary’s College. This lecture, which focused on Cervantes, was subsequently turned into a monograph, which was recently published. Menocal, the author of “The Ornament of the World,” is an expert on the interplay of cultures and religions in medieval Spain. I’m a huge fan of “Ornament.”

I loved the essay, which used Cervantes to talk about the interdependencies of culture in the Iberian peninsula and, by association, the world. I loved it even more, I confess, because she used my translation of Federico Garcia Lorca’s poem “La guitarra” (from the “Poema de la Siguiriya Gitana” in his “Poema del Cante Jondo“).

The essay is, unfortunately, not available online. I hope they post it eventually.

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