Frosty the Applesauce

A suction cup is as gentle as a human hand
but strong enough to grip
almost anything.
Most of PIAB suction cups can be used
together with accessories such.
To get the Facts&Figures for the Suction Cups please
download the file. Reader, SUCTION CUP WITH CLIP:
Many uses on any smooth
non porous surface.

Vacuum & Suction Cups.
Seal Science offers a broad line
of vacuum c
from 4mm to 50mm in diameter.
Specially formulated Elastomer compounds
for high. Exclusive Features.
Suction Cups and Non-Skid Rubber Feet
provide maximum stability
on almost any work surface while dispensing
film or foil.

Suction cups.
Greater stability.
Stir with one hand while the holder
prevents the pot from turning.
Wide spread suction cups cling
to the stove top.
Baby Bath Rings Or Seats.
Before you purchase bath rings or
seats for your baby,
make sure you can answer
to these questions:
1. Are the suction…
95 Exhibitors :
Challenge Close Coventry West
Contact:J C
Manning. Product Index.
This is the only thing different
Please respond as:

Frosty the Applesauce

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