Committee to Protect Bloggers: Changing of the Guard

Victor Ngeny

As of this date, I am handing the reins of the Committee to Protect Bloggers over to our current Associate Editor, Victor Ngeny. For the next month, Victor’s will be the only voice you hear on the CPB site. I have been at this, with one break, for four years. I think it is time to hand it off to someone who sees it with new eyes, but manages it with experience. Victor is the guy for that.

To find out more about your new editor, check out Victor’s introductory post. I’ve been very happy about his energy, intelligence, empathy and writing talent in the last few months. With my being American and Victor being Kenyan, it’s also nice that we’ve succeeded in ensuring that the editorial voice is as international as the subjects it covers.

Say hello to Victor and send him your tips if you hear anything the global blogsophere should know.

Cross-posted from CPB

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