Presidential Rumours


Barack Obama

  1. Has a child by Ione Skye
  2. Has a substantial collection of Nerf guns
  3. As a young man, founded Slade fan club
  4. In law school, drank one bottle of sloe gin every day for two weeks for a bet; hospitalized
  5. Wife once won skeet shooting medal
  6. Is part Oneida Indian
  7. High school English teacher was Kyra Sedgwick’s mother
  8. Is champion-level horseman
  9. Deathly allergic to sesame seeds
  10. Collects antique glass photo negatives


John McCain

  1. Was a registered Democrat prior to the Vietnam War
  2. Roommates at prep were gay couple still together today; one was set designer for “Mary Tyler Moore Show” and “Rhoda”
  3. Daughter dated Jay Z
  4. Has planted one cedar in Coronado National Forest for every year spent in confinement
  5. Owns every model of iPod released so far
  6. Survived a four-story fall onto the floor of the Pepsi Center
  7. Right arm is twice as strong as his left arm
  8. Holds pentathalon record for Naval Academy
  9. Great-grandfather was part of the Amana Colonies
  10. Can throw a beer bottle over 6o feet

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