Ainadamar: The First Flight of the Madrugada

If there’s one sure way to attract attention to your novel, it’s to publish it on a blog like Morpheme Tales. After all, practically 80 people a day, most looking for “naked bums” visit this site. Shortly after publishing sample chapters, I imagine Tor or DAW or Harper Collins will be knocking down my door. The heart-felt praise from all of you, my devoted devotees, won’t hurt either. Am I right, people? Am I right? People? *sigh*

When the slow decay of the universe starts suddenly speeding up and the eventual end of creation is looking more like, oh, say Sunday, mysterious messengers decide to reveal the location of a long-lost sacred text to a space-faring vampire.

In my satirical novel “Ainadamar,” Prince Ivan Stratsimir of Krăn’s family motto — one which has also functioned perfectly well as the motto of the Madrugada, the spaceship he commands — translates roughly as “It’s All About the Benjamins.” So a divine charge to find and employ the Enchiridion is met with some ambivalence, especially since it may mean his death. Again. With the help of a crew of fellow temporal refugees — the chain mail-clad Red Mona, a mountebank, a cowboy named Slim, a feline engineer, a cephalopodan ship’s surgeon and Stanislaus, the Madrugada’s shape-shifting chef — Stratsimir must make his way across half a universe and a handful of centuries to find and use this cross between a scripture, a spell-book and a computer operating system and fix the form of the created worlds. Along the way, they have to fight, avoid, trick and bribe everyone from religious extremists who believe sin can only be destroyed by reversing the Big Bang, a galactic empire that makes those chumps in Star Wars look like a Canadian provincial transportation subcommittee, super funky space banditos and an army of zombies.

I have published poetry, prose and essays in University of Michigan’s Cavafy Forum, NYC’s Good Foot magazine, New Orleans’ Exquisite Corpse, SPSM&H, Asian American Times, Timberline, Bluelawn, DADA, Catalyst, Emergency Horse, Big Talk and elsewhere. My plays have been produced at the New City New Playwrights Festival, Northwest Playwrights Festival, The Marsh, Doc’s Clock and other venues. As a journalist, I have written for Newsweek, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, San Francisco Bay Guardian, Reuters, National Post and others. I am a founding member of the Big Time Poetry Theatre, a West Coast performance group.

Preface: Ayn al-Dam

Chapter One: Point of Origin


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