As someone who’s worked in and with social media for some time now, I have amassed accounts in dozens of services. I rarely use these services but they’re out there and eventually, recently, they started to exert a kind of mental gravity on me. I felt like I was “neglecting” them and that made me irritated. So, last night I set about mercilessly deleting accounts.

This decision was brought to a head by a handful of things. The first was a post, I think by MarshallK (it goes without saying that I can’t find it now) on the occasional purging of feeds (the next thing on my list to do). The second was a story on sabbaths, technical and otherwise, by MarkG, and the third was the relentless malfunctioning of Twitter, which came at the same time as my starting a new job, with its panoply of broken and misfiring laptops and cellular phones.

Whether this is the first step down a path to a permanent blackout or, perhaps more likely, a temporary restart of my relationship with online identity, only time will tell.