Your Company Should Not Use Social Media

If you agree with one of the following statements, your company does not need to, or should not, use social media.

  • You hold a monopoly on your goods or services and that monopoly is unlikely to be challenged.
  • You are successfully employing traditional marketing and public relations strategies and can afford to continue doing so.
  • Your customers are devoted to your company and promote and defend it using their own social media tools.
  • Your company culture is antithetical to transparency.
  • Your executives are obsessed with control of information and unable to delegate that control.
  • Your business is information-driven and your employees are likely to divulge that information.
  • Your customers are unlikely to be interested in a conversation with you.

The problem with these statements is that there is no single one of them that couldn’t go south overnight. A monopoly one day is a fiercely competitive sector the next. An adoring customer base one day is a furious one the next. Social media’s strong suit is its ability to provide you tools and methods to influence the conversations that are going on around you. If you do not have the inclination or time or need to do any active social media marketing, you may still want to consider participating in those conversations, by agreeing to interviews with bloggers, posting occasionally on forums and leaving comments on others’ blogs.

Needless to say, it’s your call.


  1. Karen says:

    True, true.

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