The Social Music Site

So, I was looking for a place to share my recommendations for music, and get them from others. I realized that what I was looking for didn’t exactly exist. So I invented it. Then I named it. Beautiful Trainwreck. So, that’s pretty much it.

Uh, OK. I’ll describe it.

So, I discover a band, say, Bishop Allen. I’m excited by my discovery and I want to share it. So, I dial up Beautiful Trainwreck and fill out a Profile which includes fields for types of music I like, as well as specific bands, albums and songs, as well as non-music related fields.

Then, I fill out a Recommendation Card, listing Bishop Allen as well as describing the band and the music. The back-end adds music, either whole songs or song samples, based on whether or not the band has acceded to the request to file songs with the service. (Requests are automatically sent to bands that have been recommended. How? Oh, I don’t know how. Jeez.)

Someone else logs on and, based on the kinds of things they have said on their profile, the things they themselves have recommended, previous Recommendations they have accepted and a Random Factor, they get served up my Recommendation. They can elect to accept the recommendation or reject it. They also have the option of sending a Friend Request to me.

The next time I log in, I will have a Recommendation waiting for me, which I can elect to accept or reject, as well as a Friend Request.

You can send Personal Recommendations to people in your Friend Stream and they can send them to you. You can adjust the strength of your Recommendation Stream by choosing how many Recommendations you wish to receive and how often.
There are a number of feeds you can subscribe to, and share with other, including people outside of Beautiful Trainwreck. They include your Incoming Recommendation Stream, your Recommendation Card Stream, Friend Stream and your Music Blog Stream.

The recommendations and the music and bands behind them can also be browsed. You can also select a Random Recommendation to be sent, unrelated to your Profile Information.

The revenue model is, naturally, recommendation-based. If you like a band and wish to buy more songs or an album or other product, you can do so through the Store. All the artists, record companies and other vendors give Beautiful Trainwreck a cut of the things they sell due to one of the site’s Recommendations.

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