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Traditional Media on Twitter

In Journalism, News, Social media, Twitter on September 17, 2007 at 12:27 am

The established media, and by this I mean daily newspapers and non-specialty broadcast news organizations, are starting to pick up on Twitter. But most of the big ones-New York Times, NPR, CNN, BBC-are clearly using it solely as a promotional tool. The way you can tell that is by the fact that they do not follow a single update. Some bigger groups, like France24, actively cross-pollinate with their readers, and most of the smaller ones, like the Nashua Telegraph, do.

In lieu of putting together a list of these Twitter accounts I have, instead, created a separate Twitter account. I’m with the press.

If I’ve missed a general news print or broadcast organization that is using Twitter, please let me know. I am notably deficient in alphabets other than the Latin, so if you know of a credible mainstream news source in Russia, India, China, etc., that uses Twitter, please let me know about that as well. I only added one Twitter account per organization for those, like the BBC who have dozens.

  1. Curt, Chris Messina left this message when i mentioned y initiative of the i m with the press twitterfeed !! great idea

    factoryjoe you might point the imwiththepress folks here:


  2. Thanks, Gervis. By the way, proving with finality, that the world is tiny, I worked a contract for PBwiki before my current job.

  3. Great Curt, thanks for adding me on your twitterfeed, added you as well and look forward to following you !!!

  4. By the way, G., I could never sign on to that wiki. If you know them, by all means let them know about I’m With the Press. Also, their gaming section doesn’t have, which I started for my employer.

  5. is from WCCO-TV in Minneapolis. They follow, so they respond to replies.

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