The Twitter Monopolists

Most people who use Twitter are probably like most people who blog in general. They use their account to communicate with friends and vent and throw out a link to something of interest now and again, or to keep in touch with professional associates, or to advertise. But there are some people, I’ve noticed, who “monopolize” it.

What do I mean by “monopolizing” Twitter? How could you do that? Well, all I mean is that if you follow a Monopolist’s updates, that is all you wind up seeing on the With Others tab of your account.

There are two types of Monopolists.

The first are the Feed Monopolists, users who utilize a service like Twitterfeed, to run feeds from elsewhere through their Twitter account. They become Monopolists when their feeds contain an enormous amount of posts. Organizations do this more than individuals.(I fear that, between this blog, the CPB, my work blog and Blogswana, I have come close at times. I hope I’ve not crossed over the line. If I have, for Heaven’s sake, tell me please.

The second type of Twitter Monopolist is the user who constantly, constantly, constantly updates their account, The minutiae of their work days, the arcana of their personal lives (often utterly bereft of context): nothing is too small to be Twittered. And their updates positively overflow that of the sum total of the rest of the updates that you follow.

If you follow the updates of either of these types of Monopolists, you lose the updates of your other friends and professional associates and the information you use Twitter to follow.

My point is only that I think everyone would be better served if they are more judicious with their updates. Otherwise, they are liable to lose the very people with whom they wish to communicate.

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