Presidential Twittering

I did a survey of the major 2008 U.S. presidential candidates, in terms of who uses Twitter. The tendency I noted in a January post for Republicans to ignore social media continues.

In an 8-to-10 (D-to-R) field, the Dems win 4-to-1

My “methodology” is as follows: If a candidate has “Haven’t updated yet” (HUY) on their account or has clearly abandoned the account (1P), then that counts as a no, as does “My updates are protected” (MUAP) if they do not respond. If the site is clearly not run by the candidate, that is also a no, of course.

If you believe I’ve missed anyone, let me know in the comments.

Joe Biden-yes
Hillary Rodham Clinton-no
Chris Dodd-yes
John Edwards-yes
Mike Gravel-no
Dennis Kucinich-no (HUY)
Barack Obama-yes
Bill Richardson-no (1P)

Sam Brownback-no (NHS)
Rudy Giuliani-no (MUAP)
Mike Huckabee-no (HUY)
Duncan Hunter-no
John McCain-no (HUY)
Ron Paul-no (1P)
Mitt Romney-no (HUY)
Tom Tancredo-no (HUY)
Fred Thompson-yes
Tommy Thompson-no (HUY)

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  1. shelbinator says:

    What the heck is Giuliani’s problem? Private MySpace page, protected Twitters, highly moderate YouTube…. What an internet scaredycat.

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