Credit Where Credit is Due

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From Mr. Cad.

Since I’ve posted my experiences with horrifying dentists, I should mention a couple of awesome ones: Dr. Dan Marut of Ashland. He’s a great diagnostician and very adept at making a patient comfortable. Dr. Tian Xia Eugene is the Michael Jordan of endodendohamnahaamna. Once he started in on me it couldn’t have taken half and hour before I was out.



  1. Dylan Romero says:

    Ooh, nice. I’ve been looking for a good dentist in Eugene. More info will be gathered about Dr. Tian Xia (of Eugene, I’m guessing) upon your arrival in the office.

  2. n00854180t says:

    I had a good experience with a dental surgeon at one point. A tooth of mine was severely messed up and had become infected, as well as the root was twisted up in a weird fashion. After a nice shot of local anesthesia, he goes “okay you’re going to feel a bit of pressure…” grabs my tooth (keep in mind this was excruciating pain before it was numbed, and my face was swollen like crazy) with some sort of freaky torture looking tool, presses a bunch on it then he’s like “Okay done.” The whole thing took probably a good thirty seconds to complete. I was amazed and sort of gave him a shocked look and asked “Eh? Done?” and he confirms. I didn’t feel a damn thing, and it was over like that. Definitely worth every penny and I have to give him props for that work…wow. I think too often dentists get the shaft, but stuff like that gives me back a little faith in them. Very cool

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