Stagnagtion vs. Oblivion Wheels

One of the dangers of social media use professionally is inertia. You find what you need, what works for you and you wear an ass-groove into the seat. Can’t afford to do that so I jumped face first into Twitter, which has turned out to be funner than I thought it would be, less vampiric and I already have several ideas on how to use it in a promotional context. Sokari, an old friend from CPB days, sent me an email asking me why I wasn’t on Facebook. I was, just didn’t use it much. So, I jumped into that and invited friends and professional acquaintances. Hopefully I won’t repeat my horrifying accidental LinkedIn dump of a year back. Not sure how valuable Facebook will be, but I guess we’ll see.

Of course, the other danger is eyeball-spinning confusion, followed by Dorian Gray-like collapse.

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