Vote for Nata Village

The Nata Village Blog is competing for a chance at a NetSquared grant. This is a project that helps prevent and treat AIDS and HIV in the Botswanan village of Nata. They rule mediawise and on-the-groundishly. So, go unto them and vote.

From the blog:

PLEASE take five minutes of your time and help us out! The Nata village blog has been submitted for the NetSquared Innovation Award. The NetSquared Innovation Award seeks 20 great projects that utilize the technologies, tools and communities of the social web to create societal impact in a sustainable fashion. The top 20 projects will be invited to the Netsquared conference in San Jose, California on May 29, 30.

The important thing is they will assist the projects with funding and technical assistance. PLEASE take a few moments and go to and vote for The Nata village blog, a unique opportunity to witness the battle to control the spread of HIV/AIDS in an African village. You will need to register with Netsquared to vote. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this and thanks to the employees of Northgate pictured above. Votes will be accepted April 9th through the 14th.

Vote for my Project on NetSquared

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  1. Jon says:

    Thanks Curt! If we do get a grant…its all because of YOU.

    Thanks so much.

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