Blogswana to Go Way of Great Auk

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After almost a year of trying, Blogswana, our blogging-for-others project, is still unfunded. After some initial press coverage and a few donations, nearly three dozen grant submissions and hundreds of appeals to private donors, we still lack the funding for the project. This is especially sad since we had such great cooperation from both the University of Botswana and Northern Arizona University (for a Native American version of the project). But, people have voted with their wallets, so that’s that. It’s not quite official yet, which is why I’m posting it here, but it’s quite likely. Brian and I have our very full and occasionally trying lives to live as well, so, barring a miracle it seems pretty certain.

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  1. Steve Hayes says:

    So what is it and why does it need money?

  2. Curt Hopkins says:

    For what it is, see the link to the site. For why money is needed, is this a serious question? Presuming it is, money is necessary for one of the co-directors to travel to, and live in, Botswana while managing the project. Although additional money would be nice for things like travel expenses for participants, living expenses for a director is the big item.

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