Moshav Ha’am

I’ve begun working with Moshav Ha’am, an organization devoted to the support of maggidic practices in Jewish life. The discussion of what maggids are and what they do is beyond my scope. so I’ll let Moshav speak for itself.

The Maggid’s art is to embody the Story, by unfolding all text, whether the text of tradition or the text of experience, into the distinct rhythm of Hebrew wisdom. Because each of us knows at least one Jewish text — the text he or she is living — the Maggid can transmit the skills to unfold Hebrew wisdom to all Jews regardless of background.

The organization has uncovered a large potential for conversation about and among maggids and maggidic communities. They have now set about making that conversation more dynamic. Part of the mechanism for doing this is their web site, which will serve as a kind of bulletin board/conversational space/tool shed for the community.

As often happens, in the nonprofit world as in the corporate one, once a group of people has immersed itself deeply for a long time in a complex issue, it often finds the simple truth of what it’s doing elusive. I will help them rediscover the essential seed of their message, grow it with an emphasis on the community they wish to reach and develop a strategy to reach and speak with those who might benefit from membership.

It’s a challenge I’m taking up with enthusiasm.

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