Crater Lake

The photo in the header is by my wife, S. We went up to Crater Lake National Park here in Oregon so she could shoot for an article I recently wrote for the Travel Section of the Los Angeles Times. (I’d written one previously about Ashland.)

We went on a guided ecology snowshoe walk with Ranger Kevin. It was just the ranger, a really nice couple from the Bay Area and S. and I.

The day was unreal. Ranger Kev said he had yet to see it so perfect. It was utterly still, slightly warm for the season and the lake waters were mirror-like. What you see in the picture is Wizard Island (a cone that developed after the original Mt. Mazama exploded), Llao Rock (named after a god). The photo was taken from the Rim, to the right of the Lodge.

Ranger Kev said the Klamath Indians had a story that explained the eruption that formed the lake about 7,000 years ago. The god Llao (god of the underworld, standing on Mt. Mazama) and the god Skell (of the Above World, who stood on Mt. Shasta) had a fight over a beautiful maiden. The threw flaming rocks back and forth at one another until one hit Llao and knocked him into Mazama. The mountain gave in behind his fall and formed Crater Lake.

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One thought on “Crater Lake

  1. You need to put more info on Mt.Mazama.
    It needs to be put on how Crater Lake BECAME Crater Lake.
    I am doing a report on it so i need more info on mt.mazama.

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