The Committee to Protect Journalists has just issued a report on imprisoned journalists around the world. The interesting thing to me is that many are bloggers as well. Of the imprisoned journalists, the CPJ says, “one in three is now an Internet blogger, online editor, or Web-based reporter.”

Journalists in prison

The CPJ has created a breakout by country of these imprisoned journalists. 134 in total. The number of bloggers who are not journalists by trade serving time in prison, or otherwise punished or threatened, drives the total much higher.

Things are getting worse for bloggers as more take up the practice of acting as “citizen journalists” for their countries, as well as simply speaking online in a way that doesn’t feel public but most decidedly is. And tyrannical countries are matching the increase, following the model that China and Iran have created of Western-assisted technical filtering, legal bullying and societal fear-mongering.

We have been in talks with the DC-based Tharwa Project to resuscitate the Committee to Protect Bloggers. It’s not certain yet, but it seems a dead necessity.

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