Blog Marketing Volunteer Needed for BlogSafer Project

Last year, I created BlogSafer under the auspices of the nonprofit organization Spirit of America. It’s a wiki with multiple anoniblog/safer blogging guides on it. There was no funding to really flog it like it needed once it was built, but with some effort (social bookmarking, manic pinging) I tripled the readership (a whole 30 per day). The readership is spread around the targeted areas, with an emphasis on Iran and Arabic-speaking countries. PBwiki, who hosts it, has been blocked in China, so I copied over the China guide to Wikispaces and Chinese readers are starting to show up there.



At any rate, what the project needs is a volunteer who can spend a couple of hours a week really marketing the hell out of it. Posting, commenting, dropping notes on forums, anything you can think of to build awareness especially in the target countries, of the guides as a resource. It doesn’t pay anything but it has a pretty high sweat-to-righteousness ratio.Ideally the person involved would be interested in international free speech issues, dig wikis and have either a technically-adept mind, marketing experience online or both. If you’re interested, email me at committeetoprotectbloggers at gmail dot com. If you are not interested but know someone who may be, please pass this post along and/or post about it yourself.

When the Committee to Protect Bloggers is rehosted with Ammar’s Tharwa Project, we’ll have more of a permanent home for this project, but even then we’d be happy to have that person continue in their role for as long as they’d like.

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