Social Media Rollout for Theatre

Here is my list of social media that would be worth experimenting with for any theatre.

The rollout is designed both to build skills, internally and externally, and acclimatize employees and audience members to this way of communicating. The order is designed so that one implementation would lay the groundwork for the next.

Not every theatre would use each of these media. Some would be more useful and popular than others depending on the type of theatre, its offerings, its audience and its goals. That’s something each theatre would have to decide for itself.

  1. Internal wiki
  2. Internal blog
  3. External blog
  4. Podcast
  5. Video podcast
  6. Wikipedia entries on theatre and personnel (by volunteers)
  7. MySpace page
  8. Facebook for subscribers
  9. Second Life presence
  10. You Tube postings
  11. Forums or public wiki
  12. Yahoo or Google group
  13. Mobcasting and other coordinated events

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