Nonprofit Incubator

If “social entrepreneurship” is more than just a time-stamped and faddish notion, then it needs to be encouraged. So to that end, I’ll add another idea to my post on the Nonprofit Ad Exchange & Nonprofit Angel Conference.

The Nonprofit Incubator

In the same way that people looking to invest in early-phase companies have put together business incubators, I think philanthropists should pool their money into a Nonprofit Venture Fund.

Part of that social VC fund should go to setting up and maintaining the nonprofit/NGO 2.0 version of a business incubator. The incubator would provide desk space, administrative help, supplies, connectivity and top-shelf advice (salaries would be helpful as well) to social entrepreneurs with ideas that are innovative.

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  1. Maggid Sarah says:


    Hey Curt! Lost you and S’s contact info in all of my wanderings. Can you send that to me? use my alter e-address:

    Also, you belong with our project, Moshav HaAm. check out the blog. It will only get you so far, and will probably generate more questions than answers…. we are working on a fully functioning website as we speak. Anyrate, you belong here, brother.
    Hosting two conferences you may be interested in. Some travel $ may be available for you. One end of Jan. in Seattle will be heavily tech oriented. The other, General conference of the Moshav will happen in Berkeley July 27th-Aug 2nd.

    Peace and Blessings to you friend,
    Maggid Sarah Etz Alon

  2. I’m a nonprofit business dedicated to child abuse prevention I’m grassroots can you help me with grant writing asisstance? if you can’t help me who can? do you charge a fee for your services?

  3. Curt says:

    I am an absolutely hapless grant writer. You don’t want me. Maybe someone else will see it and respond. Good luck.

  4. this crusader against child abuse seeking help with grantwriting the grants are very complicated I don’t understand what they want I’m moving to florida in august where can I go for help?

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