Cingular’s Website: A Mess

I spent half an hour and went through dozens of screens on the Cingular Wireless site to find the anwer to one of the most easily-anticipatable questions a cellular phone user could have: How do I check my messages.

I don’t know if the way Cingular has arranged their website is due to incompetence or is a purposeful strategy. When I finally found what I was looking for I thought I would drop them a line to encourage them to rethink their site’s architecture. But the obstacles between where I was and what I wanted had certainly not ended. It was patently impossible to register my opinion with the company without logging in (who knew I had a login?) and entering a password (password? what password?). Even then, no telling what further steps I would have had to have gone through. No simple email address listed for suggestions or complaints.

In a day and age when accessibility is prized and unwillingness to allow it is severely punished by the consumer, it is not terribly sensible to pursue a strategy of discouragement of and contempt for your customers.

Just ask Dell.

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