New Committee to Protect Bloggers Archives

Update: The site is down for good.


We have a new location for the Committee to Protect Bloggers’ archive.

Thanks to Civiblog for their previous hosting. Even as an archive (there is just as much abuse of bloggers going on around the world as there ever was, if not more) we go over Blogware’s limits so often that we felt it would be practical to make the change.

We have yet to copy over the blogroll, which we really hope to do. The list of threatened and imprisoned bloggers were mostly links to the original posts about them on the Civiblog blog. In fact, I’m not sure that it’s even possible to copy the blogroll over, period, though I hope so since I think it would be a powerful resource. At any rate, I have copied the titles and names from the original Committee to Protect Bloggers blogroll over onto this post so at least they would be there for people to refer to and research.

And special thanks to Dr. Mike who did the copy-over.

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