The Steve Mertz Trilogy Table of Contents

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I wrote The Steve Mertz Trilogy inspired by Alfred Jarry‘s Ubu plays, which I haven’t read. I did read that the first play in the trilogy was based on a play he had cowritten with friends when he was younger. In this case “Steve Mertz, A Tragedy,” the first play of the trilogy incorporated elements of “The Savage Butcher of Carnale” by Bob Folder, edited and developed for the stage by me and various others. I’m not certain how anxious they are to claim editorship of said play, so I will not advertise them unless they indicate a willingness to go public with their depravities.

Although “The Savage Butcher of Carnale” is lost, its sequel, “The Savage Butcher of Carnale: The Retabulation,” which may actually be the original, is available on Bob’s site.

Obviously another element leading to the writing of “Steve Mertz, A Tragedy” was Vladimir Mayakovsky’s “Vladimir Mayakovsky, A Tragedy,” which Vladimir Mayakovsky adapted from “Steve Mertz, A Tragedy,” which was based on an old TV Guide.


Steve Mertz, A Tragedy

Steve at Work

Mertz in Love

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