Kathy Griffin vs. The Evil Hubby

I’m a big fan of comedian Kathy Griffin and her show. Probably the only non-gay male fan. So when I discovered that her husband allegedly stole $72,000 from her, an alleged event that allegedly caused their now-official divorce, I was interested and mortified. But this was an event that pointed out, again, the real problem with the so-called mainstream media.

While no one sane would expect the gossip rags to do real reporting, I think you do have a right to expect it from allegedly real journalists at places like Forbes, CNN, the Chicago Tribune, and others. You don’t get it from them of course. They pulled a trick that by this point is practically antique. They do no research, no investigation. They report unsupported accusations and do no real journalism by covering a non-event. In this case, they “reported” on Griffin’s appearance on Larry King (another bulwark of journalism).

The only quote any of them got out of Griffin’s ex-husband Matt Modine (and, shock of shocks, it was the same quote, repeated; in other words most of them were “reporting” on a quote given to one of the others) was that he wasn’t making public statements.

Shitty journalism. Again.

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