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Update 2: As I trolled through these links again, adding, subtracting and rearranging, I realized that what I was doing was against G-d’s natural law.

There are so many blogs by so many theatre professionals—actors, directors and so forth—so many dropping in and dropping out, that to keep up with it would be a full-time job. Someone else’s.

So, instead of continuing with the vain attempt to make the list complete and current, I have created, using Feed Jumbler, a spliced feed for all the company blogs (and only the company blogs). Providing I can figure out how to do so, I will add any new company-wide blogs I encounter.

Here is the Theatre Company Blog Feed: Copy the URL and drop it in your feed reader.

Update 1: Since I originally researched theatre blogs I have found a great many more, in part thanks to S. I have also discovered that newer, smaller theatres tend to be much more aware of how to use blogs and post to them more frequently and with less timidity. I would have to say Chicago’s House Theatre’s blog is probably the best company blog I’ve seen. It’s updated regularly and the Houseites seem to really use it to engage in conversation with their audience. There are plenty of comments and even a podcast. (Read my interview with Nathan, the AD of The House.)

Still, the bulk of theatre blogging consists of personal blogs by theatre professionals and blogs by fans and critics. And I have still yet to find one that utilizes anything resembling a full spread of conversational tools, though the House comes close.


Recently, I had cause to research theatre blogs. There were surprisingly few of these and none used anything resembling a full compliment of social software tools.

Some of this scantiness of adoption is due no doubt to the technologies being fairly new. It’s worked its way through the early adopters, professional communicators and forward-thinking business leaders. But it has yet to catch on with much enthusiasm in the artistic community, at least in terms of artistic institutions. A lot of the reason for this, I think, is a fear on the part of the artists that engaging in this sort of conversation will somehow cede artistic authority. Art, after all, is powered by the vision of an individual or group. It cannot be voted upon and retain any vigor.

However, engaging in a conversation with your audience is something theatre professionals do all the time, usually in a bar. So why not extend the walls of that bar to encompass the whole of the audience regardless of actual geographic location? Not to mention, resistance to ‘crass’ commercial considerations may be virtuous, but becoming calcified, closed off and non-responsive must surely be no such thing.

Anyway, here is my list of theatrical blogs and blogs related to the theatre. I am presenting just the links and a brief title, no analysis for now. I welcome your comments, however.

(Any blog that has not posted in over a month I have listed as defunct.)

Company blogs
Banana Bag & Bodice
Buffalo State Theatre Blog
Foothill Musical Theatre
Handcart Ensemble
The House Theatre
Impact Theatre Company
The Neo-Futurists
North Shore Music Theatre Blog
Salvage Vanguard Theater
The Solvents Theatre Company
Steppenwolf Theatre Company (no published feed for posts)
Strawdog Theatre
Texas Radio Theatre Company

Defunct company Blogs
Clancy Productions (no posts since 9/28)
Didactic Theatre Company (no posts since 8/15)
42nd Street Moon (no posts since 6/30)
The Forum Theatre Company (no posts since 5/3)
Portland Theatre Works (no posts since 10/10)
St. Louis Repertory (no posts since June 16)

Ongoing project & show blogs
Intiblog (Intiman’s guest artist blog; no published feed)
Jersey Boys

Finished project & show blogs
Bloomsbury Theatre Ensemble
Burning Coal’s Summer Conservatory Blog
California Shakespeare Theatre
Magnetic North Theatre Festival
Ruby Slippers Theatre
A Suicide-Site Guide to the City

Blogs by theatre professionals
Adam Szymkowicz
An American on the West End
An Angry White Guy in Chicago
Butts In The Seats
Desperate Curiosity
Elite Theatre Company – Artistic Director’s Blog
Freedom Spice
Iridescent Spoke
Life on the Wicked Stage
Light Cue 23
Mr. Excitement News
My London Life
On Theatre and Politics
Parachutes of a Playwright
A Poor Player
Sheila Callaghan
Theatre & Writing
Theatre Conversation
This is not Jason Grote
Venal Scene

Defunct blogs by theatre professionals
Bolloxed (no posts since 9/19)

Theatre news & criticism
Applied and Interactive Theatre Blog
Attention Must Be Paid
Blogway Baby
Broadway Pulse
Encore Theatre Magazine
Guardian Unlimited Theatre Blog

The Mirror Up to Nature
The Morning After
My Own Private Eugene O’Neill Project
The Playgoer
The Stage Newsblog
Theatre Ideas
Theatre Notes
What’s Good/What Blows
The Wicked Stage

Defunct theatre news & criticism blogs
College Theatre News (no posts since 6/19)

Theater podcasts & vlogcasts
The Cool As Hell Radio Podcast
Theatre Directory from Podcasting News

Defunct theater podcasts & vlogcasts
Royal Shakespeare Company (no posts since 5/25)
The Stratford Festival of Canada (no posts since 8/23)

Background information & articles
are they speaking our language? what the next generation of internet technologies means for theatre artists and producers, Erika Block’s Theatre Communications Group presentation
CEO Guide to Technology, resource on communications technology in a corporate context (Business Week)
The New Critics, blog post on the influence of bloggers on the critical reception to plays (Guardian)
Producers Use the Web to Romance Audience and Bring Them Back, article on Broadway shows’ use of blogs (NYT)
Technology in the Arts Conference, conference at the Center for Arts Management and Technology at Carnegie Mellon University
Web 2.0 Has Corporate America Spinning, article on blogging and related communications technologies in a corporate context (Business Week)

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6 thoughts on “Theatre Blogging

  1. Well, I looked a little and didn’t see any blogs, just websites. I’ll look the list over more carefully when I’m not koo-koo for Cocoa Puffs.

  2. thanks for listing me !

    i probably would put theatreconversation under theatre professionals.
    Matt is a director first and foremost !


  3. Done and done. And I mean DONE. I used to live in your new home town. How’s the theatre business there? Thanks for coming by.

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