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Via Sokari at Black Looks, I came across a very cool global News Map by Muti in South Africa.

News Map is a mashup of Google Maps and Yahoo Search. You click on a regional tab and a map is displayed. Click on a country on that map and the latest news headlines appear in a clickable list on the side. They even sub-divide in such a way that you can click individual states in the United States map, which is great, especially if, like I do, you live in The Greatest State in the Union.*

I wish, however, that they would provide a plugin that would allow you to post the mashup in your sidebar. What an excellent alternative to straight news feeds.

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*Oregon, of course. Sheesh.

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3 thoughts on “Interactive News Map

  1. Thanks for your mention and kind words of News Map. I am currently adding all the US states and as you mention Oregon is already there. I intend to add several of Africa’s geographical features as well, for example, Lake Victoria, Mount Kiliminjaro etc. I may also add major cities at a later date as well.


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