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Some time back, Marshall and I went up to Seattle to visit Trumba, the online calendar company. We helped them set up their corporate blog and trained them in its use and upkeep. Now they’re at it like gangbusters. They’ve taken to blogging like fish to water. Ducks to water? Something watery to water. It’s a good feeling to see it take off. And it goes without saying that it’s really gratifying in any job to deal with smart, hard-working people with a sense of experimentation.

One of the things I really like about this blog is the feeling of openness it has. It definitely feels like a conversation instead of a tri-fold brochure. They have also encouraged what looks like the whole company to contribute to the blog, so you get a lot of personalities in it, with different emphases. Really good job, guys.

Visit the Trumba blog, “Conversations With Trumba.”

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