Today my “Expert Sitings” bit came out in Foreign Policy magazine. I wrote it in…I think it was 1982. But I stick by my sage opinions.

I recommended Zimbabwean Pundit, although Zim has since then transfered over to the editorial seat of our Enough is Enough site. Well, it’s not ours anymore, it’s his and theirs.

I recommended Back Seat Drivers, an Ireland-based European site, as an alternative to the wonked out Fistful of Euros.

I recommended Ammar’s Amarji site. I don’t think American thinkers are nearly dramatic enough. Ammar is.

Finally, I called Awful Plastic Surgery the apotheosis of blogging. Since then I’ve come to believe that Baghdad Girl‘s kitty blog is more perfect. But anything that spends all its energy making vomiting noises at celebrities is still pretty beautiful.

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