I’m Famous in Spain and It’s About Damned Time

The Argentine writer Hernán Zin has written an article on my work with the Committee to Protect Bloggers for the Spanish daily La Voz de Galicia. It’s very flattering, considering it’s part of a series on genuine do-gooders. Hopefully no one will find out I’m a cynical fraud. I’m counting on seeing a plaque unveiled someday in Spain with my profile in relief and beneath it the words, “El Curtillo.”

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  1. Ian Beardsley says:

    Curt, that is great, and don’t forget to mention that you were interviewed with an Italian magazine about what makes governments collapse. I am glad you are in the peoples corner, sleeves rolled up, from their freedom to express to what keeps a government democratic, because you are a talented writer. Keep up the good work.

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