Islamic Anti-Terror Petition

Karim, at One Arab World, has started a remarkable petition directed at the Muslim religious community. It says, in part:

Firmly believing in Allah’s divine mercy and compassion, and sharing his love for all his creatures, the undersigned members of the peace loving and moderate majority of Muslims, revolted and repulsed by blasphemous bloodshed in Allah’s name, reject as un-Islamic conduct all acts of terrorism including but not limited to: * school bus attack at Nahariya/Avivim (1970) which killed nine innocent children
* Ma’alot massacre (1974)
* Karni crossing bombing (2005)
* World Trade Center attacks
* Madrid rail bombing
* London rail bombing
* Beslan massacre
* genocide in Darfur
* Bali night club bombings
* decapitation of Danny Pearl
* decapitation of Nick Berg

We condemn, regardless of the identity of the victims, terrorism in all its forms, bombings, shootings, knifings, hijackings, abductions and mass casualty attacks because they do unjust injury to innocent people and irreparable damage to Islam.

We call for the exclusion of incitement to terrorist violence from our madrassah curriculum, kittab & kutbah and from the mass media of all Islamic nations.

We call for withholding Zakat from all organizations which teach, incite, facilitate or organize & perform acts of terrorism.

It’s unequivocal. May G-d bless everyone who signs it.

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  1. Jay Kaul says:

    Sorry, but I do not agree. If a religion is all about peace, harmony and universal brotherhood then it’s subjects must demonstrate the same. All around we see intolerant people and it points to the teachings of this fanatical cult.

  2. Curt Hopkins says:

    That is exactly what these folks are doing. If you really believe what you say, you will support them.

  3. Why Palestinians Usually Get It Wrong says:

    The Palestinians continue to starve their own people by planting bombs by border crossings and by refusing to open safer crossing points. What a shame to hate your own people so much.

  4. Curt Hopkins says:

    Dude, I’m a Welsh Christian. As far as I know they tend to stay out of the Holy Land.

  5. Curt Hopkins says:

    Or maybe I misunderstood. Are you saying the Palestinians hate their people so much? Well, either way, the Egyptian guy, resident in Boston, who is putting this petition forward, has not spent a lot of time throwing bombs at anything, much less anything Palestinian (or Israeli), so take a pill. If your intent is simply to fulminate, you’ve done enough of that. Karim’s doing something about the situation. Take a page from his book.

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