I’m doing some consulting work for iKarma. It came about in part due to my JobVouch idea, which is conceptually very close to the “reputation management” approach of iKarma. (Thanks to Scott and Aleks for playing along.)

iKarma’s guiding idea is that since everyone and everything is online these days, a company, group or person risks being defined by a single person or incident. One disgruntled customer, for instance, can ding you pretty good. With the iKarma system, your satisfied customers can speak up and your unsatisfied ones can seek redress. You can contest any negative comment posted on iKarma and they will hold it off the system for ten days, while you try to solve the problem. At the end of that time, the commenter has the option of withdrawing, or publishing, the comment. There is a place for you to address the comment if it is published.

From the other side, if you have had a bad experience, you can post on iKarma and hope for a resolution. No resolution? Then you can be assured that your negative experience is documented and others may be able to benefit from your experience.

A really interesting aspect of the system is what I call the “Karmic reboot.” If you have a bad iKarma score, you can donate to a charity and have your score expunged, good and bad.

I’m looking forward to seeing how I can help iKarma. It’s always easier as a Communications Dude to jibber on about something you instinctively understand, so I’m looking forward to working with Paul and his crew to amplify the iKarma idea.

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