OSF in LA Times

My latest is out in the Los Angeles Times. It’s a travel feature about the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, and its environs.

From the article:

SNOWFLAKES the size of quarters filled the air of the Bear Creek Valley and felted the grassy hills above Ashland with white. Nature, Shakespeare said, mirrors the affairs of man, and this snowstorm was no exception. The first play of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival’s 2006 season, opening Friday, was to be “The Winter’s Tale.” And at that moment last month, the whole of the town felt as still and breathless as the wronged Hermione.

I have had a long relationship with this corner of southwest Oregon; my grandfather and uncle served as mayors in two neighboring towns. The Oregon Shakespeare Festival, running this year to Oct. 29, always provided me with an acre or two that felt like my own, where I could meet proverbial kindred spirits. The festival attracts not people looking to fill a Saturday night but theatergoers with an abiding love of drama. It is not an ivory tower. It’s a wooden one. Where nature and artifice meet.

See what I did there? Did you see that? Genius.

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  1. kristy says:

    What two neighboring towns? Enquiring (and previously Oregonian) minds want to know…

  2. Curt Hopkins says:

    Jacksonvile (maternal grandfather) and Phoenix (paternal uncle by marriage).

  3. QwkDrw says:

    Written, quite admirably, well — inspiring.

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