Merry Christmas & Happy Hannukah

Since I’ve started blogging and especially since I’ve started the Committee to Protect Bloggers, my internationalist inclinations have been gratified manyfold over the last year. I regularly read and correspond with Muslims, Buddhists, atheists, Jews and G-d knows what else, with extreme conservatives of all stripes, with socialists, libertarians and Greens. (Horror of horrors, probably even with members of the CDU, Republican Party and Likud!)

I’ve always been a Pollyanna. A sullen, belligerent, depressed Pollyanna quick with the fists, but a Pollyanna nonetheless. The blogosphere (I still want to kill myself every time I use that toad of a neologism) is so full of decent people it makes me sick. People with great passion, great respect, great love for humanity, for the world and faith, or at least hope, in the future. WTF? When I read through my aggregator today the two posts wishing me Merry Christmas were from an American Jew and a Palestinian Muslim.

I can’t thank you jerks enough for proving in public the math I’ve done for years in private: the world is at its best when we talk across borders, with respect but without timidity. In 2006 let’s keep calling a spade a spade. (or a 锹 or a лопата or a cosse or a 삽 or a forcella…)

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