The Protestant Northern Irish playwright Gary Mitchell, author of “Trust,” “The Force of Change” and others, and his family, have been attacked by members of Loyalist militias, according to the BBC.

Mitchell’s plays deal with the Northern Irish situation from a Protestant perspective. Mitchell is no a hero-maker in his plays. He’s as grimly honest about Unionists as he is about Republicans or the British. For that reason, he’s seen his car bombed in his driveway and members of his family threatened. The police have refused to protect him.

S. and I had the good fortune to see “Trust” at the Eureka Theater in San Francisco. It was an awful production, but the play itself was so good and the actors so dedicated that it was among the best playgoing experiences of my life.

I encourage everyone to send a message of encouragement to him in this holiday season via his agent, Natasha Galloway, at ngalloway(at)pfd(dot)co(dot)uk.