Budget Taxi in Eugene Oregon

If you live in, or visit, Eugene, Oregon, and have an occasion to take a taxi, DO NOT take Budget Taxi.

We called to have a cab pick up my mother-in-law from the hospital where she had gone, having broken her arm. The driver who showed up was drunk. I mean Foster Brooks, ashen-faced, bum-beard, eyes-at-half-mast drunk.

We called Budget back, figuring they would want to know, firstly, to protect the lives of their passengers; then to protect the lives of other drivers and pedestrians, not to mention the life and health of their driver. We also figured they would want to act quickly for the sake of their reputation. Taxi companies with drunk drivers don’t inspire confidence or repeat customers.

We could not have been more wrong. The dispatcher, instead of apologizing, argued with my wife, telling her she didn’t know what she was talking about. And off went Drinky Drinkerson, weaving out into the foggy night.

So, again, unless you are suicidal, do not call Budget Taxi. They do not care at all about the lives and safety of their passengers.

UPDATE: (November 29) Here’s a note I got from Denise. (The formatting problems and slap-dash nature are preserved from the original email.)

you are misinformed

1. The person your mother talked to was not a Budget Taxi driver. He was with another company.

2. The driver we sent over does not drink and did not talk to your mother. He could not find anyone wanting a ride.

3. Yes the dispatcher was confused when you called yelling and screaming about a drunk driver.

4. We do not appreciate your slanderous unfounded uninformed unconfirmed criticism.

We have been serving the Eugene area for 20 years. We have never had a driver under the influence of drugs or alcohol. We have a drug testing policy. All of our drivers have been here many years. We service many seniors and people that need extra help.

We would be glad to provide that service for your mother if she should call, however hot heads such as yourself can call another company.


I responded:

Yes, the person I spoke to was a Budget driver. He got out of a Budget Taxi. If he told you he never found anyone, he was lying to you.

The fact that you respond telling me I’m a fool is further proof that the imcompetence and drunkenness of your driver is countenanced and encouraged by the owners.

The charge of slander of course requires, among many other things, that I be wrong. I am demonstrably not. There were witnesses. At any rate, let’s find out what our readers think.

Of course, as I said, it was my mother-in-law, not my mother, and my wife called, not me. Doesn’t seem that Denise reads any more carefully than her employees listen. And the essential point is that Budget Taxi exists in a world where dissatified customers are to be shouted down and insulted, not paid attention to. The difference is that the rest of us live in a world where you can let thousands of people know about your experience, instead of two or three.

To reiterate my original point: If you live in Eugene or are visiting and find you need a taxi, do what Denise says, “Call another company.”

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  1. Rosemary says:

    Dear Curt,
    That is awful! Did you get the driver’s name and cab number? You could have called the police. Then have Budget try to settle that in CRIMINAL court! For crying out loud…sick people, eh?!

  2. David says:

    Sounds like you are in Oregon a lot. The stories I could tell you. But then I would probably be sued and then fired. I totally agree with you on this subject, as I am a taxi driver for a large taxi company in Eugene. Budget has 3 cars, thats how successful they are!

    If you ever find yourself coming to Eugene again, email me and I will give you my personal phone number. You and your mother-in-law will get a nice clean van, with a professional, educated driver.

  3. Al Bents says:

    I just had the pleasure of speaking to Denise( the owner). She was rude and very angry for no reason.

  4. Scared Homowner says:

    Scared Homeowner
    This company sent one of their toothless drivers onto my property that states no traspass with a closed gate and the driver wondered property for 10 minutes before knocking on door. When asked to leave was skecthy. I called management (Denise), and they did not care. I asked what they where going to do about it they hung up on me. I am afraid they are theives and will return. Do not use their services. Drug Free Eugene!!!

  5. A Former Driver says:

    I can’t believe the company is still in business. Denise is probably the vilest person I’ve ever encountered. She treated her drivers like slaves, referring to at least one as her white n*gger. The only way to stay in her good books (and get decent runs) was to bring her coffee and pastries in the morning, fast food for lunch and babysit her kids in the evening. It’s unfortunate those decent folks who work/ed for her took the brunt of the customers’ anger such as when she would take a reservation for an 8am pickup to the airport, and yet not dispatch it until the 8am driver came on duty, making the driver at least 20 minutes late for anxious customers who would be repeatedly told that the driver would be there any minute. For some reason only those in the Eugene PD can explain, she was able to get a licence to carry a concealed weapon which she liked tucking into her waist band. One day she told one of her drivers that she could kill the driver any time she wanted because she had already told people she was ‘afraid’ of what the driver would do to her. She laughed, telling the driver that she could get away with murder and there wasn’t a damn thing the driver could do about it. Another time she was angry at one of her kids and pulled out a leather belt to beat the child. A driver stepped between them, and she told the driver she’d beat the driver if the driver didn’t move. The kid ran downstairs but who knew what happened later. Denise, if you’re reading this — you need help because the comments I’ve read show you are still a very troubled woman. Budget drivers, if you’re reading this — pool your (very little) money and buy her out.

  6. Marlene says:

    I was about to call them but to see the disrespect thats this company showed you is nothing but shit and it sound like Denise is doing all the shitting out her mouth. Im going you have to pray for her and hope this company goes out of business. If that ever happened to me I would have called the cops and press charges. id like to thank you for posting and letting me know this before I had a bad experience with them.

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