Petition for Imprisoned Egyptian Blogger

From CPB:

Please sign this new petition asking the Egyptian Interior ministry to free Abdolkarim Nabil Seliman, currently in an Egyptian jail for his critical blogging.While you’re at it, don’t forget to sign the petition for the blogger Omid Sheikhan who has been sentenced to 1.5 years in an Iranian jail and 124 lashes.

Don’t forget to sign the petition for Mojtaba Saminejad, either, who is languishing in the general population of an Iranian jail for daring to express his opinion on his blog.

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  1. Ian Beardsley says:

    Damn, this is a nightmare, obviously, but far more for the victims of the tyranical Iranian government. Blogging, damn, I do it everyday and say whatever I want, you only begin to realize how fortunate you are after hearing these horror stories. I believe we cannot truly be free until everyone is. If we don’t fight for rights in Iran, we could lose them here. I can’t think of anything to do but sign petions, we have seen what happens when you invade a country to free them-perhaps it was for oil though–I only hope Iraq comes out free though. The expense has been allot of lives of U.S. soldiers and actually allot more citizens of Iraq, not to mention the injured. There is no clear solution to this mess, though I know no weapons of mass destruction were found in Iraq, I do believe the same man who set oil fields ablaze which is so bad for the environment would have used a nuclear weapon if he had got his hands on one. The quesion is: Would the inspections have worked? Could have the United Nations peacefully solved this?

    Ian Beardsley

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