Anthology of Granadine Poetry

I would love to put together an anthology of poets who were born or lived in Granada, Spain. I could include Shmuel Ha Nagid, Pedro Soto de Rojas, Solomon ben Judah ibn Gabirol, Judah Ben Shmuel Ha Levi, Federico Garcia Lorca, Rafael Guillén and many others. Granada has had a remarkable ability over the centuries to draw to it or produce from it poets of great power. The place is… different than other places.

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  1. Ian Beardsley says:

    I think a collection of Grandadian poets
    is a great Idea. As you pointed out Granada really
    produces the poets, well likewise I would say the
    musicians. Wasn’t Manuel De Falla from there as well
    as pepe habichuela and tomatito are. One could even go to the Sacromonte and see if they could do an
    anthology of gypsy poetry as well. Manuel De Falla
    studied gypsy music to write his El Amor Brujo, and
    ofcourse Lorca studied gypsy poetry and lullabies.

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