World Blog Day

Here are my five new blogs for World Blog Day.

Morfablog. This blog is in Welsh. If you stare at written Welsh for long you will go mad. Welsh is one of the many “minority” languages in Europe that are still alive in spite of English.

Chocolate and Vodka. This blog is a by a London-based Welsh woman who is hip deep in bloginess and who writes in English.

Flamenco. Straight outta Sevilla, this blog, in Spanish, claims to be “the first blog on flamenco,” which may well be true. If you have the self respect, common sense and decency to touched inappropriately by flamenco and cante jondo, read it and llores.

Africa Diaries. BBC’s Africa blogs give good first-person accounts that help non-Africans realize it’s a continent not just a problem. Where’s Botswana though?

Berlin.Blog. This largely photographic blog (the writing’s in German) is a visually arresting map of one of Europe’s most energetic cities, soaking wet with freaks, that thrives despite laboring under the weight of its history.

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  1. Nic Dafis says:

    Dioch yn fawr Curt 😉

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