Articles on Fired Bloggers and Employment Issues

Here are the articles I’ve collected on blogging and the workplace that are still active.


August Newsday article: “When bosses and blogs collide.”

August Philadelphia Inquirer article: ” Your blog could get you recruited – or fired.” (Asinine registration required.)

July Oakland Tribune article: “Bloggers may face management wrath.”

June Network World article: “Does your company have an official blogging policy?

May Sacromento Bee article: “Airing work gripes online may relieve you of a job.” (Asinine registration required.)

May National Law Review article: “Employers Wrestle With Blogosphere.”

May American Bar Association Journal article: “To Blog or Not to Blog.”

April New York Times article: “When the Blogger Blogs, Can the Employer Intervene?” (Asinine registration required and even more asinine payment required.)

February Village Voice article called “Site Precedent.”

February Christian Science Monitor article: “Office Memo: ‘Blogging’ can get you bounced.”

January San Francisco Chronicle article: “ Beware if your blog is related to work.”

January Newsweek article (spiked): “Blogfired: Bloggers and Employers Test Each Others’ Boundaries.”

January Day to Day story: ” Firings Raise Questions of Blogger Freedoms.”

January Wired article: “Heartaches of Journalist Bloggers.”

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