Goodbye to Informed Comment

I’ve removed Juan Cole’s Informed Comment from my blogroll and my aggregator.

It’s not his politics I object to, even when they’re a bit extreme. It’s not the length of his posts — interminable — nor his writing style, which has all the concision and elegance you’d expect from an academic.

It’s this post.

I don’t know Prof. Cole personally, but it’s clear from this post (which he published twice) that he is bereft of fellow-feeling. His comment that “Vincent does not get a pass on being criticized simply because he is dead” is so witless that I don’t need to comment on it for the reason that the vast majority of people reading this will already know what’s wrong with it.

Cole’s weird etiolated bloodlust, lack of empathy and excessive self-regard are repugnant. It’s not as if his comments are so informed, and others’ so uninformed, that they are worth enduring this sort of grotesquerie for.

I hope Vincent’s wife isn’t too upset by this. And I hope Cole, who despite his parsing of “general Greater Mediterranean …ethos of honor and honor killings” seems remarkably ignorant of women, will choose to take any of Mrs. Vincent’s slights, real or imagined, like a man. And shut his damned mouth.

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