The Sacromonte Speaks

I recently received the following letter, to my great excitement, but to my distress as well.

hi curt,

i came across your story about manolin by accident.

manolin is a friend of mine too. im an australian flamenco dancer and i live in the (sacromonte).

it was curious reading about gabriel on your site because i was with him and his wife last night on the terrace of la buleria….which is right outside my cave…. but i use it when la buleria is shut.

Gabriel was playing and his wife was dancing….it was a warm night and the moon was full and then came the police. It was awful it was only just midnight and they were reprimanding him and started taking his details including his fathers name…..just about the spanish inquisition…..and gabriel had to beg them and kissed the policeman´s hand begging him to leave him be. heartbreaking.

so it was nice reading about manolin…..he often sits on that corner on cuesta chapiz looking straight up to camino del sacromonte and plays his guitar…..and i always wondered….why there….because its such an odd spot… i know.

For more information on Granada, Spain and the Sacromonte barrio, check here, here, here, here and here. And here, of course.

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