Citizen Journalism Sites

As the blogosphere grows, there are an increasing number of citizen journalism or grassroots media companies sprouting up on the business landscape.I’ve gathered together as many as I could find. I’m sure I’ve missed more than I’ve listed, so feel free to contact me to add one. Also, let me know if you believe any of these are non-profit.

(Others have spent more time defining citizen media than I care to, so I’ll leave it open and refer you here and here.)

The List
American Town Network
New West Network
Out2 News
Pegasus News
PlugStar Citizen Reporters
S. D. Fridge Door
The Daily Gotham


This list does not include citizen journalism initiatives established by media companies, no matter how small the parent companies. I am not listing non-profit projects, personal or group blogs that are not for profit, sites that do not have a substantial citizen contribution element or those that do not have journalistic content.

For lists of these sites check out CyberJournalist’s Citizen Media Initiatives.

This survey of grassroots journalism sites on the Online Journalism Review site might be of some interest also.

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One thought on “Citizen Journalism Sites

  1. I saw this through technorati a few days ago and have been to busy to spend the time to communicate my thoughts.

    We were approached in November of last year by a company that owned 11 sites across 5 markets in Asia. Some of the sites had nearly a ten year history of self publishing with a lot of User Generated Content in the form of early web bulletin boards. Suffering from lack of focus and overall outdated UI we were tasked with redoing them.

    We decided to re launch all the sites as an open forum using the strengths of social software to foster communication and innovation. Some of the sites have been increasing in traffic and use, while others still are waiting for the tipping point.

    We are a small startup working real hard on a socially networked life and career development tool called Gooru. We have been successful consulting on social software and the transition companies need to take to web 2.0. Our success so far has been through listening to the users, interacting one to one, and knowledge we have gained from years of community building on the web.

    Our citizen media services are provided free of charge, and we’re going to do our best to keep it that way. Our intention is to derive revenue from commercial uses such as advertising and pushed media.


    Kevin at Zed Tycho dot com

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