Popularity of Blogging in Specific Countries

As I’ve worked this blog and that of the Committee to Protect Bloggers, I’ve noticed that some countries are super-blogged and others not. The reasons for this are partially common sense.

Those countries that are technologically… What’s the word? I hate to say “advanced.” Those countries where the technology driving blogs is readily available and where the culture has embraced electronic communication? Let’s go with that. It’s easy to see why those countries would have a lot of bloggers. Examples might include the United States and the United Kingdom and even India. Examples of the opposite might include Zambia and Burma? There are some countries, Portugal and Brazil are good examples, which are not, so far as I know, considered particularly technology-oriented countries, but where blogging has positively exploded. Poland is another. So, my question to you out there is:

What makes a country start blogging and what distinguishes a country where blogging catches on like wildfire from those where it languishes?

I’m not expecting one simple thesis, although that would certainly be convenient. What do you think?


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